Sunday, 23 October 2016

Event Sourcing & Immutable infrastructure - Greg Young, James Nugent

--Immutable Infrastructure with Packer and Terraform
In this webcast we will look at the basics of using Packer to build machine images for a variety of clouds, and using Terraform to provision cloud resources, in order to declaritively manage infrastructure in an immutable fashion. We'll also look at common patterns for good factoring of infrastructure-as-code which allows application teams autonomy for their services, while retaining central operations control of shared infrastructure.

--Event Sourcing
Looking at mature domains it is odd that almost none have a concept of current state but instead are built off a set of facts that occurred; is your bank balance a column in a table? This is not by accident and there are many benefits to having this viewpoint of a system both from a business and a technological viewpoint. In this talk we will look at what cqrs (command and query responsibility segregation) and event sourcing are.

Source: BuildStuff

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