Monday, 3 October 2016

How to become Agile without Scrum or Kanban - Kjell Ljøstad

This is NOT a talk about Scrum or Kanban. The Agile Manifesto is all about communication, interaction, collaboration and building trust. Yet when most companies decide to go agile, they focus on implementing some rigid process that they don't yet fully understand, and they have a hard time getting it to work. We go back to the core of the Agile ideology. We will talk about how you can use relational skills to improve communication, get team members engaged and build trust.
Agile initiatives tend to become a matter limited to the developers, and it is often hard to engage other parts of the organisation?. In this workshop you will learn what make teams work efficiently and the basics of how you can get the whole organisation to cooperate better. By building relations and trust between people, working on how they communicate and how they interact with each other, you will build the foundation of a truly agile organization.
Most of us have experiences from both good and bad teams. It is often hard to point out why things turned out the way they did. After this talk you will know what make teams more efficient and increase your awareness of the things that make your team dysfunctional. - Kjell Ljøstad

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