Monday, 31 October 2016

Rearchitect your code towards async/await - Daniel Marbach

The die is cast. Your business- and infrastructure logic will need to move gradually to asynchronous code. Changing large code-bases to async/await seems like a monumental effort. It doesn't have to be! In this talk, I show you a four-phased approach to evolving your code-base towards async/wait. In the identification phase, we classify the components which would benefit from async/await. In the exploration phase, we discover potential road blockers which might hinder the async/await adoption.
In the obstacle phase, we learn to redesign parts of the code to remove the previously identified road blockers. In the bring-it-together phase, we gradually move the components which benefit the most from async/await to a full asynchronous API. Small steps. No Big Bang. Join me on a journey towards async/await and learn to leverage the power of asynchronous code to embrace the cloud-first APIs of today and tomorrow.

Source: NDC

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