Tuesday, 15 November 2016

ASP.NET Identity 3 - Brock Allen

ASP.NET Identity 3 has had a bit of an update in ASP.NET Core. To get started with this framework most developers use the Visual Studio project templates, which have historically been ridiculed for the mountains of code dumped into a new project.
In this session we will spend the time to understand it all (since that’s what most developers end up using). Along the way we will see features that are the same as the prior version of ASP.NET Identity, but there are some new features to point out in this updated ASP.NET Core based framework. Additionally, as the templates are examined, we will discuss changes that can be made to lock down the security of your application even more. Finally, some freestyle coding might be in order to add even more security features than what are provided out of the box.

Source: NDC

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