Monday, 7 November 2016

Cloud Devops - Paul Stack and Lynn Langit

In this talk Paul and Lynn will 'show and tell' around Cloud Dev Ops via common use cases. They will compare and contrast the maturity of the deployment and management technologies for container-based web applications and for cloud-scale data warehouses.
Technologies to be covered are as follows: 1> Container-based Web Sites - AWS - ElasticBeanstalk w/Docker and ECS, Azure - PaaS WebSite w/Docker and ACS, GCP - Docker-based PaaS w/Kubernetes 2> Data Warehouses - AWS - Redshift, ETL Partners (Matillion), Visualization Partners (Yellow Fin] , GCP - BigQuery, Data Flow, Tableau - Azure - ETL patterns, SQL Azure Data Warehouse, and PowerBI You will walk away from this session with practical knowledge, patterns and tips for using these key cloud services as they work today.

Source: NDC

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