Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Debugging your communication for more success and efficiency in DevOps - Sabine Wojcieszak

In this talk we will focus on the role of communication for a DevOps team, although we will also touch psychological aspects of mindset, attitude and behavior!
Whenever people come together, communications starts at once! You can´t stop it! In addition to the original face-to-face communication we use a lot of different communication channels like phones, chats, live webinars and emails in our modern times.
As communication is a very complex topic misunderstanding is part of daily our work; it is always the companion of communication. We have to spend a lot of time to deal with these misunderstandings or - what is worse - things will go wrong.
The more different characters work together in cross-functional teams like DevOps the higher the probability of misunderstanding. With release cycles getting shorter and shorter or continuous delivery, time is a very precious factor in IT projects. So why do we waste time in clearing up misunderstanding? For more success and more efficiency it will be extremely helpful to identify the bugs in your communication and eliminate them to reduce misunderstandings and save time! And we will talk about the nearly unbelievable effect on everyone´s motivation.
In this session theoretical background will be combined with best practice; the importance of further education in communication skills especially for “people from IT” to reach more efficiency will be pointed out.

The takeaways for the audience:
- what is beyond organizational change and tools when doing / being DevOps
- the importance of communication and the difficulties
- bugs and misunderstanding
- smart ways to eliminate bugs in order to create a successful and efficient communication
- communication as part of culture, attitude and motivation
- Best practice of slight but successful improvement of communication and the effect on everyone in a company

source: NDC

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