Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Beyond Docker Buzzwords - Kiruthika Samapathy

No one has escaped the Docker wave and the mention of zero overhead virtualization excites everyone.
It is convenient to describe Docker as ‘Docker is like a lightweight VM’. But easily we forget the emphasis on like, and treat our applications like VMs. Deployments might be quicker, easier with Docker but that does not mean that scalability comes with it for free.
Most of us would have played with Docker and know how to build, run and ship applications as containers. So where do we go next?
Docker could be leveraged from enabling the developer to push his code to Production on their day 1, to making the build pipeline/testing more efficient. So the real value is just not in using Docker, but more about how do we build our systems using Docker.
This talk will take a pragmatic look at Docker use cases and some misconceptions.

source: ndc

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