Sunday, 5 March 2017

Building Fast and Beautiful apps with Xamarin.Forms - Michael Ridland

You might think that Xamarin.Forms is just for basic data entry applications, in the past this might have been true but not anymore. The recent releases of Xamarin.Forms make it a world leading platform for Mobile Development even for consumer facing apps, now you can build apps that are not only beautiful but also very fast.

We'll look at the features built into Xamarin.Forms that can help you to make a app that's a contender for design awards and you'll also how to develop Xamarin.Forms in a way that makes your Mobile UI very quick.

After this session delegates will have a better understanding of the apps they can build with Xamarin.Forms. Delegates will also finish this session with knowledge of the techniques to build Beautiful and Performant apps with Xamarin.Forms.

source: ndc

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