Monday, 13 March 2017

Building a real-world cross-platform app with Xamarin and MVVM - Gill Cleeren

With Xamarin now free for everyone, the popularity of the cross-platform framework is increasing rapidly. We’ve now had the time to play around with it, now the time has come to build serious apps with it.

In this session, you’ll learn how a real-world Xamarin application architecture is built, with an emphasis on testability and maintainability. The app we’ll look at is called MyTrains, an application used to book train journeys.

You’ll see an architecture that has proven itself over different projects already. The architecture is using the MvvmCross framework. You’ll see how the architecture is built from the ground up, starting with model, the repositories and the services. On top of that, we’ll build the view models which will be used by the views in the iOS and Android apps. Along the way, you’ll see how MvvmCross uses data binding and commanding and how navigation is handled in MVVM

You’ll walk away with an example of how real applications in Xamarin should be built. You’ll be able to use this as your starting point for your next Xamarin application.

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