Thursday, 6 April 2017

An independent look at the arc of .NET - Kathleen Dollard

“In the beginning there was…” Take a journey along with a .NET expert through over 15 years of .NET and C# evolution. Look into a crystal ball at the future and how we will incorporate enormous and ongoing changes. This starts with a look at the foundation of .NET - decisions about typing, language support, library and framework dependency, and deployment. Then you’ll see the impact of historic technical shifts like generics, LINQ, async and Roslyn.

This leads forward into massive shifts in Microsoft’s handling of the .NET ecosystem – including rewriting ASP.NET, Entity Framework and the .NET framework. And wait, what’s the difference between Core 1.0 and.NET Standard? And most important, how do you make decisions about what tools to use for applications you’re writing now? You’ll see a realistic assessment of the current state of affairs along with a discussion of Microsoft’s faster cycles and release criteria designed to help you make the best decisions for your team. The talk ends with a look further into the future and why these changes will keep the .NET ecosystem vibrant for years to come.

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