Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to go from opening Visual Studio to interacting with a live chat bot...

Using the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS, the audience and I will live-code a chat bot that users can interact with to find out what's on the NDC agenda.

The Bot Framework is amazingly powerful but it's also very new, not well documented and confusing at first glance. Let me strip all of that away to give you a quick start and show you that creating a chat bot can be done in a very small amount of time with no expert experience of the bot framework itself.

We will also look at how all of the difficult natural language processing can be handled by the Microsoft Congnitive Service, LUIS. No nasty regexes or fuzzy string matching code required.

Once we've built the bot bot, it will get deployed to Azure, registered with the Bot Framework and connected to Skype and we'll start interacting with it just like it was a regular Skype contact. We'll be able to ask things such as "what's on after this?", "tell me about the .Net Core workshop" and "I don't know what to see at 3pm, what's on?".

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